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totheoceanside: A Marine buddy of mine posted this on Facebook today. And I thought I’d just leave this here for the world of Tumblr.  I can’t even describe the anger I feel.

This makes me sick to my stomach.

She is fucking sick. And she will rot in hell. God is not a god of anger or wrath. He is a jealous god, but he is a God of LOVE. There is no way that he would intentionally kill the thing he loves the most. She is a fucking fool. She is the reason people hate Christians. If that was me, I would beat her with a bat. I would bash her brains in, and all the people around her. This is terrible and beyond disrespectful. I’m disgusted.

That is not the God I serve. She truly is an abomination. People like this disgust me and are the reason people look upon Christians and believers in God as insane and terrible people.

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    I’m absolutely disgusted. People like this should feel the wrath of God. As a strong Catholic, I believe that we should...
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    I know it’s really counter-productive to reblog this, but everyone just needs to ignore them. I’m sure you’ve all heard...
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    what a bitch, i hope she gets drafted..
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    That is not the God I serve. She truly is an abomination. People like this disgust me and are the reason people look...
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    I love how he calls her sick and a nut. She fucking is
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    The way this woman is smiling is so annoying….if only I can reach through the screen gouge her eyes and teeth out.
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    I hate this pitiful excuse for a human being.
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    Would it be wrong of me to make her sit on a wasp knife?
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    yeah i don’t like that fox spent so much time just judging her, but i do agree that this is absolutely insane. “jews are...
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    …ignoring the topic, ignoring my bias towards the armed forces, and ignoring my belief that personal religion shouldn’t...
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    What religion does. Sick. The worst part is her freakish smile. She looks so brainwashed. dumb bitch. Can’t wait to see...
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